The Advantages of Online Music Lessons

Since the Covid-19 pandemic became apparent in March 2020, we have been teaching online guitar, piano and singing lessons. It has been a very effective, and successful, way to educate our music students. The screen allows for a close-up view of positioning, and, in the case of the guitar, holding of the instrument. From the students’ viewpoint, he or she has a clear view of either Chris or Janet. The student has the lesson in the comfort of their own home! And there are no cancellations due to inclement winter weather!

During the first lesson, we work with the student or parent to help them position their device so our view is clear. This is usually accomplished quickly. We use Zoom and FaceTime, primarily. We are always available to provide feedback to the parents, and to answer questions pertaining to the lessons.

As the lessons progess, we work with each student to address any obstacles that arise in regards to musical technique, interpretation and theory.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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